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If you love exploring the ways conscious beauty helps you do all your favorite things, you’ll probably be great at sharing your knowledge with others. That’s what you’ll do every day as a Vooqo Brand Ambassador. And with each conversation you have and each sale you get, it becomes clear: You’re not just supporting conscious beauty. You’re supporting people.

With a 15% commission for you plus incentives for your customers, you can easily transform your passion into a highly paid profession.

  • 15% commission on any sale coming from your referral link (regardless if your referral uses your promo code or not)

  • 20% discount on your personal shopping

  • weekly payouts

Comfort, convenience, and a no-hassle commute are all reasons people like to work from home. But if it sounds casual, make no mistake — this is a professional role. You’ll need a quiet, distraction-free work space with a door you can shut, an ergonomic chair, a desk for the computer, and your own network connection. Working from home isn’t for everyone, but if you’re confident, disciplined, and self-motivated, home can be a place where work and life don’t clash — they collaborate.

As our customers first point of contact, you’ll be the friendly voice of Vooqo, answering questions about our products and providing world-class customer service, and sales. We’ll rely on you to listen to our customers and use your technical expertise, creativity, and passion to meet their needs — and remind them that behind our great products are amazing people.

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