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5 Reasons to Switch to Organic Beauty - According to Vooqo's Founder

Organic products are everywhere these days, from your neighborhood’s farmer’s market to the corner drugstore’s detergents aisle. By choosing organic, we feel confident that the produce we eat or products we use don’t contain synthetic chemicals that could cause serious health problems in the future. But when it comes to treating serious skin concerns, most women remain doubtful. Are organic beauty products as potent as their non-organic counterparts? Are they really worth the extra penny? To answer these questions, we talked to Vooqo's Founder Casandra Haprian. Here, she gave us 5 reasons why everyone should consider choosing organic beauty products.

5 Reasons to Switch to Organic Beauty - According to Vooqo's Founder
Plant Based Cosmetics

1. Our skin absorbs 70% of what we put on it.

Casandra: “Prior to Vooqo, I had been an entrepreneur for 20 years. Although I had specialized in chemistry, I had never paid much attention to the ingredients in beauty products. It wasn’t until I became pregnant with my first baby that I became more aware of what I was putting on my body and actually read all the beauty product ingredient lists.

I couldn’t believe the amount of potentially harmful ingredients that were in both high-end and drugstore beauty products. As my ingredient research continued, it was even more alarming when I found out that these products contained some ingredients that had been banned from our food.

Knowing that our skin absorbs over 70% of what is placed on it and that our body was being exposed to toxic ingredients, I was determined to radically transform the chemistry of beauty. I set out to grow the Vooqo brand with a mission to create luxurious formulations, made with certified organic ingredients that perform just as well, if not better than conventional chemical beauty.”

2. Organic ingredients have fewer toxins.

“Many conventional and some natural beauty products start with a base of petroleum glycols (butylene or propylene glycols—like petroleum jelly products). Petroleum-based ingredients should be avoided due to their association with dioxane and other potentially harmful chemicals. Other potentially harmful ingredients present in non-organic products are synthetic fragrances and artificial dyes due to concerns associated with endocrine disruption, and parabens due to their link to breast cancer.

Vooqo, on the other hand, is one of the very few organic brands that meet the 100% “made with certified organic or all-natural ingredients” government regulations. Instead of fillers or added water, our Vooqo products contain an organic proprietary blend of botanical juice bases (aloe, jojoba, grapeseed, shea, or citrus juices). This means that every nutrient-rich drop of our product feeds your skin.”

3. Organic products are more potent than their non-organic counterparts.

“Our products are held accountable to the highest of standards as we abide by the strictest California Organic Product Act (COPA) regulations. Regulations aside, research has also shown that organically farmed materials have approximately a 30% greater antioxidant level than conventionally or naturally farmed crops.

We are firm believers that by formulating with an all-natural and organic base, rather than petroleum derivatives or added water, and combining it with powerful skincare ingredients, we can achieve better results than synthetic-based products. Multiple clinical tests have validated our theory which has been extremely encouraging. At the very beginning, we just kept focusing on our organic ingredients and our traction grew and escalated to fame through social favorite mentions and media awards. No pun intended, but we grow quite organically.”

4. Organic beauty products complement a healthy lifestyle.

“My early commitment was to live an overall healthy lifestyle through fitness and great nutrition. Later on in life, I started integrating more and more organic products into my daily living. It started with food and extended to household products and cleaning supplies.

Using natural beauty products was the last missing piece that I’m glad I was able to close the loop on. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my physical and mental health and have felt better and had more fun living an organic lifestyle. There is no doubt in my mind that what you put in your body is as important as what you put on your body. Beauty and health inside and out!”

5. Organic farming is better for the environment.

“If all the reasons above aren’t convincing enough, consider that organic farming practices are also more environmentally friendly. This means as a consumer when you choose to use organic products, you are making a conscious decision to support the health of our planet as well.”

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