Synthetic chemicals and sensitive skin will NEVER get together

synthetic chemicals and sensitive skin will never get along

We've seen and heard so many but one thing is sure, synthetic chemicals and sensitive skin will never get along. You may use conventional makeup or skincare for a while, but from our experience it's only a matter of time until body breaks and become sensitive on you.

We believe is time to search for ways to re-establish conservation and limit further environmental degradation. As the world becomes better educated about the impacts of synthetic consumption, it becomes even more crucial for us to support natural choices not only on a personal level but also on a global level.

We believe that we’re here to make the best in beauty, not the most, and that’s not changing. We’re constantly focusing on formulas. We believe in the power of nature, not the power of changing nature. We believe that we need to research and understand the ingredients behind every beauty product we make and use only life-enriching ingredients that can make a significant contribution to our health and beauty. Our skin is alive -- always looking for balance -- and the best way to keep it healthy is to seek out formulas that respect your skin.

We believe in saying no to formulating dozens of other products so that we can really focus on the ones that are truly wellbeing and meaningful to us. We believe that everyone should research and truly understand each and every ingredient that use on skin and that way be able to set a standard, the same standard that we have set regarding on what goes inside our body, and then the decision that we make is ours and is conscious.

Choosing a more conscious beauty routine is a process, one that takes time and knowledge in choosing the right products, but at the end it definitely pay off the efforts.

Our advise, always look up the full list of ingredients and give them ALL a search, use to find out what the ingredient is and how it can help you, or not

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