Steps to a happier more conscious life - 5

The direction of your life is very powerfully shaped by the probability factor.

Steps to a happier more conscious life - 5

If I aimed and fired a rifle at a cup on a post, there is a high probability that the bullet would hit it. It is very improbable that the bullet would change its trajectory, expelling its energy in a different direction. So it is with our lives. If you have lived with a powerful focus on perhaps, history, or medicine, or music in previous frames of the holistic movie of your life, the probability is that you will pursue, or be attracted to the same, or similar interests in this present frame of your life-movie. This is fully acceptable, unless the attraction is to continue with a negative outlook on life, or other unfortunate interests that are contrary to your wellbeing. If you do not like the direction of your life, change it. All you need to do is consciously . . . choose to be conscious!

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