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Make-up ideas for an exceptional New Year's Eve

Make-up ideas for an exceptional New Year's Eve

To celebrate this winter holidays, adopt a glamorous and chic makeup. From rouge lipstick to glittery eyeliner, be sure to meticulously choose your evening makeup. It's time to be happy and daring, so adopt a more intense beauty look than usual.

And to make no mistakes, nothing better than to take inspiration from the make-up addict spotted on Instagram. They offer a range of perfect settings to awaken. Whether you prefer a dark lipstick or smoky-eyes, you will inevitably find an idea that resembles you. This winter holiday, the lipstick is the star! It comes in a multitude of shades, mainly dark red. A rich, velvety red is so sophisticated. Plus it perks up your entire complexion and makes you look polished. For a fair skin choose pomegranate shade, go berry for olive skin, and try merlot for dark skin. For the lips finish, prefer the matte... . It's the pinnacle of elegance!

Your winter complexion likes to play with light for a very worked glow. The illuminator is applied to the crown of the cheekbones and the Cupid’s bow. Warm the rest of your face with a rosy blush on the apples of cheeks and a shimmery taupe shadow on eyelids, and add black liner along the top lashes. These simple yet sophisticated face makeups will catch the eyes.

Not into taupe for eyes? Take for example a smoky, black, brown or even copper version for the eyes. Colourful or glittery makeup, it brings the festive touch that it takes.

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