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Get beautiful with ancient secrets from around the world

get beautiful with ancient secrets from around the world

Since the beginning of the times every woman wanted to stay young and beautiful. The ancient beauty secrets and rituals were left heritage to generations to come and have been very well kept by each nation. In fact, a lot of modern makeup products are based on just this ancient knowledge, but we have somehow forgotten this fact. Because in ancient times there were no cosmetic laboratories, ladies relied on what nature provided and many of them have learned how to achieve beautiful and radiant skin. Read on to better your beauty routine with ancient beauty secrets that we should be putting to good use today.

These are tricks used by women from France, Chile, Sweden, India and many more.


It should come as no surprise that French women, graced with a seemingly natural elegance and beauty, love indulging their skin. And one such indulgence is frequent use of face masks; twice a week, according to recent research! We love how many women in France use natural ingredients for facemasks.

Another French beauty routine is massaging the face with ice cubes. This simple treatment will stimulate blood circulation and give your skin a healthy and shiny appearance.

In addition to improving blood flow, use both hot and cold water. Use a face towel soaked in hot water and repeat the same procedure with cold water. This method improves skin elasticity and gives a smooth appearance.


Red grapes are perfect for a glowing skin. Women in Chile argue that their smooth skin and radiant beauty is due to antioxidants found in grapes. They make a paste of red grapes and two tablespoons of flour and, when ready, apply that mask on the face and leave it for 10 minutes. It seems that the mask is more effective if it is applied in the morning.


The cold climate and lack of sunlight protects skin from damage, and more importantly, there is the Nordic diet. A healthy diet is ideal for beautiful skin. Women in Sweden and Nordic countries eat a super food packed diet, which includes lots of healthy fats such as fish and berries! Berries especially can work absolute wonders for your skin thanks to their rich content in antioxidants.

Also sauna is a perfect idea, which is an effective method to remove toxins from the body.


Rice water helps clean the face and stimulate collagen production, giving skins a smooth texture. Take a bowl of rice, put the rice in a blender, mix and add water. Apply the soaked rice water on face as a mask.

Also, facial massage helps improve skin elasticity, and if used every day, you'll get great results.


Brazilian women are famous for their beauty and glamour.

Homemade carrot juice is an extraordinary remedy to get rid of pimples. Fresh carrot juice is rich in beta-carotene, which is known to fight acne.

One of their biggest beauty secrets for body care? Sand! It turns out rubbing beach sand on your skin increases circulation and can even decrease cellulite!

Don't have time to get to the beach? Incorporate this beauty trick at home by using pumice


Spanish women are using potatoes to get rid of dark circles easily. Cut a potato into thin slices, round and place them under the eyes for 10 minutes.


Indian women use a lot of food ingredients – with very effective results – in a variety of hair, skin and body care solutions to keep their hair so luscious and skin so healthy. Turmeric is one of the famous Indian spices, which is used even on the day of their weddings to make their skin look better. Turmeric is good for skin as well as for any sort of allergy you may have, has many anti-septic properties that reduce inflammation. It holds a highly esteemed position in Ayurveda medicine.

Rose water speaks of romance and luxury now, but dates back to ancient times where it did as well. Indian women love rose water and use it to get rid of dark circles, spots on their skin, or use it as a cleaner because it can easily remove dirt, oil and other pollutants from the skin. It also prevents aging by reducing wrinkles and tightening skin pores.


Romanian women have big, beautiful eyes and love wearing makeup. You will hardly ever find a Romanian woman who steps out of her house without doing some touch ups. For their eyes they use eye shadows, mascara and eyeliners, which give them a very sensuous and appealing appearance. Romanian women are amongst the most beautiful women around the world and many have wondered the secrets behind their beauty, their wonderful hair, expressive eyes and flawless skin. One of their beauty secrets is herbs. The beauties of this country simply scrub different herb infusion of chamomile, nettle, and clover on their scalp, which makes their hair shiny, bouncy and very thick. The results are truly affective. For face, cucumber is a real treasure for Romanian women, because of its soothing effects, astringent properties and for restoring the pH of the skin. Cucumber masks cleanse the skin from impurities, fade dark circles, tone, help moisturize dry skin and are very good as a remedy for acne. It also refreshes the skin and makes it glow.

We absolutely love to share this list of our favourite natural beauty secrets from around the world. We’re here to bring ancient beauty regimens out into the light and hope it will help you integrate natural and unsophisticated remedies into your care routine that will always work.

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