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The blacklist of makeup ingredients.

cosmetics worst chemicals

Ingredients in makeup mean mostly chemicals. Some can be used safely; others can do much harm to your health. There are over 25 hazardous substances in eye shadows.

Parabens are no longer number one enemy of health when it comes to care and cosmetic products. The blacklist includes chemical compounds and other pests, and some of them have potential carcinogen activity. For example, sodium lauryl sulfate can mimic estrogen and disrupt the activity of thyroid. Propylene glycol is another dangerous substance, talc. It is often labeled PG as short name. This can cause eye and respiratory tract irritation, developmental and hormonal disorders.

The most feared is called polyethylene terephthalate, a combination of plastic with aluminum and is usually an ingredient used in the production of plastic cans and other plastic materials. This compound creates an excellent barrier to oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Polyethylene terephthalate appears abbreviated PET, PETE, PETP or PET-P.

Read the labels of cosmetic products you buy and avoid those containing PET. It stands at the forefront of the list of dangerous substances in eye shadows.

You can also find it among the ingredients for body lotions, face creams, BB creams foundation types, sprays with coloring glitter, hair dyes and blushes for cheeks.

Experts warn that this substance can give serious side effects such as hormonal disorders that can lead to illness of internal organs and infertility. Moreover, some studies have revealed that prolonged exposure to this substance could lead to cancerous formations.

However, the Food and Drug Administration believes it is not dangerous for health when using in the production of PET food packaging.

Best advice: get the eye shadow makeup and any other makeup after checking the ingredients.

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