How to avoid dark circles around the eyes

How to avoid dark circles around the eyes | trends

The delicate skin around the eyes needs special care. Dark circles can occur at any age, even in adolescence, although, it commonly appears later in life. But it is good to know we have always handy a few vegetables and fruits that do wonders.

Cucumber juice invigorates the skin around the eyes instantly. Apply cool cucumber slices under the eyes for ten minutes. Because of the nutrients contained, this vegetable found in every season, decongest the blood vessels and the desired effect is achieved in the shortest time.

Pineapple juice mixed with turmeric powder does wonders. The appearance of dark circles will be reduced immediately.

Raw potato slices are the perfect choice for a more pleasant eye appearance. Once cut and sliced, apply it under the eyes and leave for at least 5 minutes for best effect.

And don't forget! Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and sleep at least 8 hours per night!

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