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The new makeup colour trends for 2016 by Pantone Colour Institute

pantone color institute new trends and colors

For the first time, Pantone Color Institute announced two color instead of one - the Rose Quartz and the Serenity Blue - as colors of the year 2016.

The two colors stand out separately but combined are an excellent formula for fashion, jewelry, make-up and interior design.

They've been chosen for the strong messages they send, separately and together.

Pink Quartz protects love and feels like a warm embrace, while the cold refreshing tone of serenity blue provides balance and desire for knowledge. Together they are yin and yang, the combination of them is a beautiful purple that reminds us to calm detach and relax. So the message is simple: it's time for harmony, it is time to think about peace, to support the love and its values.

In makeup, pink quartz is used more as an auxiliary color; it can be applied on the mobile eyelid, the arcade, cheeks and lips.

Serenity blue may be applied as eyeliner, eye pencil or eye shadow to the external corner of the eye, while bolder women might wear it as a color for lipstick.

These tones of pink and blue go very nice on white, pink or beige skin, without the sun tan. Another message sent this year is to protect the skin from the UV rays.

Combine these two 2016 official colors with pastels, warm colors or earth tones for a perfect fashion statement.

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