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Smart uses of the lip balm anytime, anywhere

Lip balm is one of the most elegant beauty product in a woman's makeup bag. Besides it's moisturizing benefits for the lips, it can be used in many other ways. Here are some interesting facts of this simple product, yet extremely useful in everyday life!

1. When you have no hand cream to you and you feel that your hand skin is dry, use lip balm to avoid this unpleasant sensation.

2. When your nails are flaking and cuticles are dry, just apply a small amount of your lip balm and gently massage those areas. Your nails and cuticles will get moisturized and nourished.

3. Remove traces of makeup. Surely you happened to notice that mascara or the eyeliner was not well cleaned during your cleansing ritual. To avoid excessive use of a cleanser, apply a little lip balm on a cotton swab and wipe off. Careful! Avoid products containing peppermint essential oil because menthol can irritate the eyes or cause rashes.

4. When needed, lip balm can successfully replace eye cream. All you have to do is apply a little in that area and gently pat with ring finger. Use a product enriched with vitamins, no dyes, preferably an organic one. Not only will moisturize the skin around the eyes, but also will fade the wrinkles.

5. What do you do when your skin looks tired and lacking vitality? Apply lip balm on the cheekbones and slightly tap the product with the fingers. Do not overdo the amount used, but apply it just to give a fresh look.

6. Rebel eyebrows? We have the perfect solution for this aesthetic inconvenience. The lip balm will do the work so that you get the desired look and you'll save

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