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The new trends in nails Fall/Winter 2015

This winter new nail trends are gray nails. The matte and opaque gray are in, with shades from light to dark ash, so if you are fan of this color, you can successfully opt as a manicure office.

A great choice is to paint nails in a very dark shade of gray and finish the manicures with swipes of gold glitter. Also, have the nails painted in two similar shades of gray that barely distinguish for a sophisticated look.

Matte-metalized shades of dusty gray make quite an appearance for a simple and delicate style, offering unusual combinations and interesting ideas.

In terms of shape for the nail, it must be straight for short nails and almond (oval) shape if you prefer longer nails.

Regardless the colors and shades that will be adopted from international trends, do not forget, it's the attitude that perfectly accessorize any outfit!

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