Makeup beauty trends Fall/Winter 2015

Makeup Beauty Trends Fall/Winter 2015

This winter the new trends in beauty are focus on the eyes. Wear "smoky eyes" and "cat eyes" while the eye pencil, eyeliner or black eye shadow should always be in your makeup kit.

Regarding other eye shadow preferences noted by makeup artists, since it is winter, rely on silver and light blue tones or warm tones of celebration, such as gold, ochre and copper. Dress up an ordinary smoky eye with a silver or gold accent in the center of your lid, or create an instant eye-opener by dabbing shimmer in your inner corners.

Lips will be colored in shades of peach, pink or beige. The secret with nude lip hues is to avoid anything too white that can make you look dead. Instead seek out creamy or glossy shades with hints of pink, peach or brown to flatter fair, medium and dark skin, respectively.

Also matte lipsticks or mirror like lip-glosses are in.

Bright red is not so fashionable this season.

When you opt for a neutral eye makeup, the "stars" amongst lipsticks are the red wine tones such as: Bordeaux, dark red and purple red.

The skin, as usual, should be impeccably clean, bright and natural, but brought to life using blushes in pink shades, which give the impression of flushed cheeks. Achieve the radiance seen on the runways by faking a lit-from-within glow. Mix a highlighter into your foundation, and then apply only where you need coverage.

After two years of black, thick, bushy eyebrows, this year we return to a natural look. It's good to respect the natural brow shape and thickness.

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