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How to choose and wear the perfect makeup primer

How to choose and wear the perfect Makeup Primer

In just a few words description, primers provide a perfect makeup base, acting both physically and chemically, as a barrier between your skin and makeup products.

There are several types of primer: face, eye, lip, and eyelashes. Overall, each works pretty much the same, but there are slight differences.

Face Primer works as a moisturizer, before applying the foundation, but it does more than that: smoothens the skin, evens out skin texture and moisturize the skin, regulates sebum production and corrects small imperfections.

A well-formulated primer increases life expectancy of your face makeup and protects the skin from possible allergens or comedogenic ingredients.

The most suitable candidates for the use of a primer are women with oily skin or those with post acne visible scars as this perfecting base prepares your skin for makeup application and creates a barrier between skin and makeup products.

Most primers contain no perfumes or oils, with a gel-like formula that controls excess sebum and allow easy application of the foundation, eye shadows and blushes.

You can count on them to hide the scars, opened pores, fine lines and wrinkles, while taking benefit of their moisturizing formula.

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