5 steps on how to treat and prevent acne naturally

5 steps on how to treat and prevent acne

Acne can be treated and prevented naturally.

It is caused most likely by overactive oil glands; the excess oil makes the pores sticky, allowing bacteria to become trapped inside. For this, you must comply with certain tips for a perfect complexion and some of the recommendations are quite surprising.

Blackheads and whiteheads commonly denote acne. Blackheads are the result of sebum combined with skin pigments and the pores become plugged. Whiteheads are the result of skin filled with sebum from scales below the surface of the skin.

You tried to get rid of acne, but the treatments you've tried were ineffective? Although there are lots of lotions and drug treatments on the market, they do not guarantee perfect results all alone. We offer some tips for a perfect complexion without pimples that should go together.

To heal the skin you MUST start from the inside out.


Diet is one of the greatest causative factors of acne. Acne is basically a toxin coming out via the skin, which is the body's largest organ of elimination. This means the food that we eat can influence the aspect of our complexion. It is not sufficient to treat acne externally but one should also help internally. Fat food, refined sugar, spiciness, caustic and effervescent beverages that are highly acidic, meat can all lead to breakouts.

Eat more raw fruits and vegetables. These are mostly alkaline, nutritious, healing and rich in vitamin A, C and E, three well-known vitamins for skin health benefits. Leafy green vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli are rich in vitamin E. Vitamin A is found in colorful fruits and vegetables: carrots, cantaloupe, peaches and peppers, while citric fruits rich in Vitamin C. Don’t forget to enrich your diet with antioxidant super foods such as goji berry, berries, walnuts, grapes, tomatoes, broccoli, green tea. In addition, drink plenty of water (alkaline water is best) to flush your system and to keep skin hydrated.

Do some deep cleansing action.

It is best to follow a few steps: first steam the face to open pores with hot water, then clay the face skin and let it dry, remove after 10-15 minutes, then wash the face and gently scrub in circular motion with a loofah brush utilizing warm water to open pores and cold water to close them, afterwards pat the face dry with a wet towel (cold water), and then apply facial oil. Clays act as a pull out the blackheads and toxins from the skin.

Best clay to use is bentonite clay, French green clay, Moroccan red clay or any other. Ideally you can clay your face once every week or perhaps twice a week.

Do not aggress skin.

Squeezing pimples and blackheads can cause several problems, so it is good to resist the temptation. It will not only delay healing, but will increase the risk of scarring, since the squeezing could push infected material into the skin where it can cause inflammation and scarring further.

Avoid touching the face skin with your hands, unless they are clean. They can carry germs that can cause skin irritation. Sweating can worsen acne therefore should be easily removed with water. Hair that comes in contact with your forehead or other face areas can cause breakouts because hair contains oils that may block pores and cause apparition of whiteheads. For the application of creams and makeup you need diskettes cotton swabs, and clean brushes. If the process will involve the hands, only use the clean fingertips to apply the product.

No excess skin wash.

Dry skin does not prevent acne or blemishes. Often, excessive washing can irritate the skin. Also avoid soaps and gels that contain harsh chemicals. Simply wash acne-prone area twice a day with a mild natural soap (oil and fragrance free, non-comedogenic or anti-acne) and warm water.

Check ingredients.

Select the products that you put on your face by checking the ingredient list.

Avoid concentrated cosmetic products containing oils: liquid foundation can clog pores. Mineral-based cosmetics, powder, is unlikely to block pores. Prior to the foundation application, help the skin face close the pores by splashing with cold water.

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