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Rediscover yourself by relaxing your body

Rediscover yourself by relaxing your body

We are always on the run. Always stressed up to be on time and respect the tasks on the agenda. We gave up small pleasures like long bubble baths for quick showers instead.

A relaxing warm bath, as researchers evidenced, has far more benefits than we ever imagined. And the most important is that during the fragrant bath, the brain produces endorphins, known as the molecules of happiness. In addition, sleep will be deeper and calmer, and skin hydrated.

Here are some tricks to get a bath to relax your body completely:

1. Make sure that in the next twenty minutes you will not get bothered by anyone. Forget about the phone for the next half an hour. It would be preferable to keep it on the silent mode.

2. Natural light scented candles. Those with delicate vanilla scent act directly to the area of the brain associated with emotions and wellbeing. Thus, once vanilla scent envelops your body, it gradually decreases stress levels.

3. Use aromatherapy products. "The way to health is to make every day a fragrant bath and an aromatic massage," said Hippocrates, father of medicine. So whether you opt for a bubble bath or bath oil, make sure you wrap the aroma of lavender (relaxing), peppermint (invigorating effect) or any other flavor you like.

4. Focus on the sensations. Instead of worrying with every day problems, focus on the sensations you experience: hot water that covers your body, foam tickling your back. If you set yourself to the present moment and manage to put your mind to "silent" even for a few moments, you will feel much calmer and more relaxed.

5. After the bath, wrap yourself in a fluffy bathrobe and use a rich body oil that leaves your skin soft and silky giving you a cozy mood.s

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