How to choose the perfect makeup for your skin - Part 2 - CLAY

Used since ancient times, clay has many virtues, but is mostly appreciated for its absorbent, detoxifying properties and its richness in minerals. It is used to exfoliate, cleanse and revitalize the skin with minerals but also adopted due to its good absorption of sebum and impurities. It also helps to restore the radiance to the skin. Mainly used as a mask once or twice a week, the clay is suitable for almost all skin types except very dry skin as it can dehydrate the skin. But all skin does not enjoy the same clay. Green clay absorbs excess oil well meaning acne skin is enjoying its disinfectant properties. The yellow clay, which has a composition similar to that of green clay, is exfoliating, cleansing and softening. So it is particularly suitable for normal or very sensitive oily skin. Normal and sensitive skin will turn instead to the soothing red clay. Pink clay with emollient properties has a neutral pH that respects the fragile, sensitive and very reactive type of skin.

Finally, the white clay will take care of the very sensitive skin. In SOS remedy, clay can also come to the aid of oily hair in the form of a mask when applied to the roots: it absorbs excess sebum from the scalp.

They can be used on the body, face and hair. Remember to enjoy the benefits of clays whether is in a form of a mask or an active ingredient in your favorite skin cream.

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