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How to wear natural makeup

How to wear natural makeup

Natural makeup has many secrets in how to wear it, and the time when we applied everything and anything on the skin is over. We now want to know what's behind our favourite makeup products and how to wear it. This is why natural makeup is attracting more and more women. Face makeup is concerned about the health of the skin so that women no longer need a mask to hide their imperfections.

For these small powders that make us a perfect complexion without stifling our skin are made of 100% natural micronized minerals.

In the 80s, many women have developed acne or rosacea, sometimes because of the ingredients contained in some cosmetics that proved bad for the skin. This is why many women preferred not to wear makeup rather than harm their skin.

Mineral foundation is made from mica to brighten the complexion, titanium dioxide that is a natural sunscreen and zinc oxide for its properties and caregivers to hide imperfections and diminishing acne.

This is the real make-up care. More you use it; the more the appearance of your skin improves.

Mineral makeup is all-good and has the advantage of being used on all skin types, solving skin problems. Thus, the formula does not contain oil and thus does not grease the skin. But it can also be used on dry skin because, even if it is a powder, its texture is very creamy. And, of course, it will also appeal to women who rarely wear makeup because it does not show. You apply, you feel naked. And it is a makeup that heals. Unlike some ingredients present in other products, such as oil or water, mineral powders do not penetrate the epidermis. They remain on the surface of the skin and have no risks of causing adverse reactions.

How to apply mineral foundation?

Mineral foundation shouldn’t be applied as a fluid foundation or compact. It takes certain steps sometimes difficult to master:

Turn, tap, and apply in circular motions. Unlike other dyed foundations and face powders, for best results, it is necessary to use a very small amount. First thing is to put a small dose of powder in the container's lid, then rotate the brush in the lid until the powder is absorbed and tap the brush to remove excess. We know we have the right dose of powder when we see more material on the bristles. Then apply to the face in circular motions. Sometimes one is tempted to add too much to hide imperfections but this is a mistake. To hide the little pimples, just use the small brush. Another great way to apply is to gently tap powder on the face using the sponge applicator.

Enjoy the benefits of minerals in your makeup regime.

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