Why we love mineral makeup?

Amp up the glamor of eye makeup.

Mineral makeup has emerged in the last decade as a successful and healthier alternative to traditional makeup products.

Women who use conventional makeup and cosmetics products as a daily routine, end by "storing" in their body up to 2.5 kg / year of chemicals!!! These are substances that irritate, can give allergies and age the skin or worse: enter the body and attach to internal organs, forming small deposits in time and altering their proper functioning.

Mineral makeup is not new; it is used since the 60’s in the great capitals of high fashion. What is new in this comeback is that producers pay much more attention in combining minerals with natural and organic oils, butters, and waxes so that the final make-up product would be 100% healthy.

The secret of mineral make-up performance is actually in his non-comedogenic effect. This means it won't block pores leaving the skin to "breathe". Mineral makeup contains inorganic ingredients that prevent germs and bacteria growth on the skin

A true mineral makeup must contain ingredients derived strictly from nature. So, do not be fooled by the label of "mineral" until you read the whole list of ingredients. You shouldn’t find chemical preservatives, alcohol, dyes and fragrance. The bad news is that many make-up products on the market don’t have a label with the list of substances, or some cosmetic companies even hide the list of ingredients under a sticker that you are allowed to read only after you purchase the product.

On the list of non-healthy substances also enrols talc, which is irritating and comedogenic. It is used on a large scale in the cosmetic industry.

Another questionable ingredient is bismuth oxychloride, which is a mineral substance, but isn’t extracted from the ground; it results from processing lead and copper. It’s very irritant, may cause allergies, rashes, acne if used in certain quantities.

If you have drawn attention to this mineral makeup, I'll give you some tips on wearing this makeup.

1. To apply your mineral makeup you need first some good quality brushes made from natural fibbers. To enhance their life and prevent germs and bacteria growth, brushes should be washed every two weeks.

2. If you have sensitive skin, then mineral makeup can be a great option for you. Ordinary cosmetics tend to aggress your skin composition having all kinds of harmful substances that favour pimples, dilated pores or dry skin. A mineral makeup can help you look healthy and beautiful.

3. Prior applying a mineral powder or mineral foundation, moisturize your skin. Once the cream has been absorbed completely, apply makeup base.

4. If you have dry skin, this type of makeup is not recommended because most products are in the form of powder, and it can dry out your skin even more. Although compounds of mineral products are natural and do not "attack" the skin, the risk of applying a powder on a dry skin is to create a mask effect.

5. If you have oily skin, then mineral makeup is welcomed, because the powder absorbs excess sebum from the skin and shrinks pores. Such makeup lasts longer on oily skin.

6. The mineral foundation has high coverage; so do not abuse it if you want to get a more natural effect. Mineral foundation refreshes the skin and gives a shiny and youthful glow.

7. Mineral eyeshadow should be applied with a brush with short bristles, which is not very flexible because otherwise the makeup would spread very easily. Apply by dabbing on the lid. Also, if you have multiple shades of mineral makeup, you can try different color combinations.

8. If you have wrinkled skin, mineral makeup can cover these areas. Usually these products contain antioxidants and vitamins that nourish the skin and diminish the appearance of wrinkles.

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