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What is beauty?

What is beauty.

You look in the mirror and you incline to think that you’re far from considering yourself beautiful? But why if it’s opinion doesn’t matter at all? The mirror is cold, is demanding and has no soul. Each woman has her charm. You just have to start by loving yourself and be aware of your personal beauty.

Only the soul is able to perceive the beauty, so don't ask the mirror, my darlings, just start by putting color in your cheeks and colour on your lips then smile to those around you. The world will be yours. Beauty comes from within and is read on your face. If a woman's soul is overdone, chilly, unhappy, your face won’t fool anybody and people around will take a step back. Have you noticed that each time you're happy your face radiates a natural unique glow more powerful than any other super cream or magic face serum?

So, what if we start today by feeling great and enjoy life exactly as is by welcoming the change, the self-esteem, the courage and the beauty from within. A happy journey through loving yourself!

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