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What's the perfect gift for women?

We made a fascinating discovery this week about the perfect gift for women – and you might want to share this with family and friends.

When it comes to treating ladies, diamonds might be a girl’s best friend – but undoubtedly lipstick is the best present.

Research from Edith Cowan University in Western Australia involving over 200 women reveals females very rarely – if ever – go out intending to buy lipstick for themselves or others. It’s more of an impulse buy. But an overwhelming 72 per cent love lipstick as a gift.

Traditionally, women have taken charge of buying gifts more than men but psychological studies show they appear to get a bigger kick out of receiving presents than the opposite sex.

Unfortunately, gift-buying men are more confused than ever about what women want (lol). While it’s a fact females are better at choosing presents than males because of the interpersonal interest they have in others, men often opt for unwanted gifts.

One US survey shows jewellery, lingerie, chocolates and flowers as the top items chosen by men for women, but 86 per cent got it wrong. And consider this confronting fact: research shows picking an unsuitable present for your partner could even damage your relationship.

However, men seem the most unhappy about receiving a bad gift, with more males than females thinking they could be out of ‘sync’ with their partners and their relationships might end.

But fear not! Picking a gift for women that’s cherished is much easier than you think.

The WA study says the simple reason lipstick is the ‘go-to’ gift for women is because they ‘like to try new lipsticks and colours.’

Let’s face it, who doesn’t have a selection of lippies rattling around in their bag, ready to use in an instant to suit the mood and situation?

Neutral lip colours, in particular, have increased in popularity since the rise of the ‘naked, no-makeup’ look. They enable a low maintenance morning cosmetics routine that creates a beautiful, healthy radiance with minimal effort.

With 49 per cent of us preferring natural and organic beauty products, due to increased knowledge about harmful chemicals in makeup, it’s best to buy nutrient-rich lipsticks made from plant-based formulas.

So next time you’re out looking for the perfect gift for women, include nourishing, toxic-free lipstick on your list. Research confirms people prefer presents they have personally chosen, rather than random purchases. And here’s the hard evidence you need that lipstick makes the ladies in your life glow with health and happiness.

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