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Learn to shop the product, not the marketing

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

We all choose our skincare and cosmetics that we love and use daily for many different reasons.

For some it's what our mothers or friends use, others it's price, others they loved the ad in their favourite magazine, social media, or TV, and yes others they love how their skin feels or looks after using the product.

learn to shop the products not the marketing

When it comes to choosing natural and organic beauty & skincare products the reasons usually come down to five for most women and men.

1. The first reason and the one that outweighs the others by far is that they are FREE from parabens, harmful chemicals, synthetics, petroleum, toxins, dyes, etc...

Women and men are trying to empower themselves and take their health into their own hands. They understand using products on the skin that have chemicals and toxins in them, can cause more damage than just premature aging, rosacea, dry or oily skin, dermatitis, and tired looking skin. The ingredients in some of these products are linked to so many health problems including the C - Cancer. Let’s get it out of our skincare products and take charge of our health. Choose beauty and skincare products without poisons, toxins, chemicals. 

2. They enhance your well-being

The natural and organic products that you are using daily on your body and face are helping you in so many additional ways, other than what the bottle says. Whether it be Rose Hip Seed oil that hydrates and feeds your skin or the calming properties of Absolute Oil that help lower our anxiety levels each ingredient helps our bodies run smooth. The goal of natural skincare isn't just to make your skin look great for a short time, it's to nourish, feed and stimulate your skin cells for long-lasting healthy looking skin.

And at last but not least you run everything you touch your skin with (24/7) through your blood.

3. We love our animals and you don't have to be an activist to agree

Anyone with a pet will understand how a dog or cat truly becomes a family member. For many women choosing products that are not tested on animals is of huge importance as it is beyond cruel in what they do to these animals, which we will not go into. It’s not necessary to test on animals when all your ingredients are safe and natural.

4. The issues of global warming and buying products that are locally sourced and made, as well as made ethically is the fourth reason women and men select natural skincare and cosmetics

More than just the ingredients and reducing the carbon footprint with logistics the packaging and making sure it’s eco-friendly is also a decision that green beauty companies are choosing.

5. Transparency and knowing what's in the products that you are putting into and on your body is a big one and does tie into number one

We are now hearing messages of 'read the labels', 'if you can't pronounce it' - leave it. Walk into a grocery store and just watch the shoppers for a few minutes - how many people out of 10 are picking up and reading the label before it goes into their cart. We know the saying you are what you eat, so why not feed your skin with ingredients that can help it flourish.

And always remember: we all use WAY more skincare and cosmetic products than food.

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