Steps to a happier more conscious life - 3

Our experiences create our reality, and our reality creates our experiences.

Steps to a happier more conscious life - 3

Experience and reality hold hands as we meander through the continuing movie of life. We are not at the mercy of a fickle reality, unless we act in a fickle thoughtless way. Our reality is our own creation, coming from our accumulation of lifetimes of wise or stupid life choices and experiences. Be aware of this and avoid situations which rob you of your integrity. Do not put yourself in any situation where you are not being true to yourself. In your daily life, create the reality experiences that most honour you, and keep on creating them. The more experiences you have that are uplifting, the more you live in an self-sustaining reality. Eventually, people will call you lucky. You create your own luck by . . . choosing to be conscious!

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