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Lansdowne Park

Lansdowne Park

Everybody is welcome into the Melli Store Lansdowne Park. Melli is thinking different—again. This time, we want to revolutionize the havens where it hawks its wares by making them destinations for far more than just beauty. We are reinventing the role beauty stores and employees play in the community. We want to be more like a town square, where the best of Melli natural and organic products comes together and everyone is welcome. We are renewing our ­focus on natural cosmetics—with over 700 in-house made, 100% natural and organic products through experiences that educate and entertain visitors and empower entrepreneurs.

Melli's innovative brand strategy is propelled by a vertically integrated structure—with its own Ottawa laboratory, manufacturing, e-commerce sites, retail stores and marketing infrastructure—that enables the company to rapidly identify opportunities, create and incubate new products, and deliver quality, much-sought-after products.

We are pleased to announce that our all-new natural & organic cosmetics concept store at the Lansdowne Park is now open.

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