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After contouring, discover the non-touring!

After contouring, discover the non-touring!

If you haven't got used to the face contouring, you will love the new! For some people, this technique can be overwhelming and seem way too time consuming! Kim Kardashian's trend is going to be upstaged by the non-touring. Zoom on trend for this summer and fall.

All fashion trendsetters adopted the new makeup technique called the non-touring. To the delight of the natural beauty addicts, this technique is meant to sublimate the complexion and to replace the contouring, loved and adored by the famous Kim Kardashian.

What is the non-touring?

Unlike contouring which requires some dexterity, non-touring will delight both the make-up artists as well as the beginners. The principle of this make-up approach is easy to achieve but also much more natural and unobtrusive.

The aim is to highlight the complexion in a subtle way. The non-touring is to bring light and sparkle on specific areas of the face, a bit like the strobing but obviously softer.

How to adopt?

You’ll see, it's easy! To adopt the non-touring trend, you'll need: a face primer as a base, a light cream foundation or a BB cream and a highlighter. Start by applying the smoothing base to even out your skin tone and diminish the appearance of the pores. Then use your cream foundation for a lighter result and sublimate all with an illuminator in a cream, stick or powder form ... it's up to you. You will apply it under the eyebrows, on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and on the Cupid bow. That's all! The complexion looks much less worked and appears completely transparent.

This trend is not to be missed in order to get a bright, fresh and natural makeup look.

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