6 aspects that make any woman sexy

be beautiful with 6 sustaining qualities

To be truly beautiful, it is the understated qualities of beauty, which are sustaining. To possess any one of them will increase the experience of your beauty exponentially. A sexy woman is not just a flawless appearance. There is no doubt that there is great value assigned to external beauty. For some, how they look physically is simply an expression and celebration of their internal beauty, but often those who are physically attractive are emotionally unattractive. Which qualities are to be considered truly sexy in a woman?

- Believe in yourself

The key to success is to trust your mind and heart, without desperately trying to be someone else. Your self-awareness, dedication to self-development and personal growth provide you the knowledge to succeed at nearly anything you seek. You are who you are and your priority in life is to feel happy and satisfied. Self-confidence brings more sex appeal than physical appearance and on the long term it helps you get what you want.

- Determination

Ambition is the secret ingredient to find purpose in life. You get what you want in life because you are clear in saying what you want. It is that quality which supports you and guides you to find the appropriate means to fulfill your dreams. A man who has his own goals will seek for an ambitious woman to become his partner in life.

- Passionate about everything you do

A life full of passion is one that approaches perfection. Loving, working and living with passion makes you evolve as a person. A woman who feels good about her is extremely sexy.

- Sexy is related to kindness

Kindness is a rare quality in the modern society. The kindness of your spirit, how you treat, think about, and speak to others comes from a genuine and sensitive place. Others may perceive being kind as weakness or vulnerability, but you know that kindness is one of your strongest influences. You are sensitive and want the best for everyone. You are warm towards others and kind to yourself. Paying attention to your feelings and to someone else who needs your help can count more than if you applied a flawless makeup. In other words kindness makes you a sexy woman.

- Elegance is sexy

It has nothing to do with expensive clothes, but it is about the language of your body and way you communicate with others. Elegance is that dignified grace about your appearance, movement, personal style or behaviour. You hold good posture; your energy has a mystery, softness, strength and cleverness to it.

- Intelligence

You are secure knowing there are a multitude of choices available in life, so there is no need to be reactive. In being intelligent you have the ability to keep your eyes on the bigger picture turning obstacles into opportunities.

Cultivating your intelligence and developing the ability to make interesting conversations on various subjects, will send those around you, the message that you are not ordinary - but a full-fledged sexy woman.

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