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This season new makeup trends

New makeup trends for this season

Much awaited trends in beauty for summer/spring 2016 are defined by a fascinating simplicity. The trend notes are opponent: some makeup artists prefer to make a statement by pushing an element to extreme, while others promote an almost natural look, which is a brave choice for spring / summer 2016.

Whether you choose an almost invisible makeup, or go on a powerful direction, the two trends of this season manifest great popularity, rejecting the idea that beauty has a particular recipe.

The extremity of these two makeup trends is actually an expression of rebellion against a generic beauty. Make-up artists are exploring new ways on bringing out the native and natural beauty and propose an acceptance of real beauty that can be assumed for some women as a strong emphasis on specific face areas.

More than ever, blue and navy color family colors are amongst the favorite for eye makeup. These intense colors are tempered by a naive application that offers the eye a twist reminiscent of urban graffiti.

A lipstick in strong colors and vibrant color (with a makeup worn almost invisible) is a statement beyond seasonal trends. The lipstick is applied now more relaxed, youthful, without attempting an impeccable look. Red lipstick is finally a democratic beauty accessory and all women can wear it such as they want. In terms of color and texture for lips - either very bright or perfect mate, but the rest of the face hardly has any makeup.

False eyelashes for theatrical eyes.

Mascara and false eyelashes are now used in a trim to give the eyes an edgy look for a beautiful baby doll look full of attitude.

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