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How to keep your face sebum free

5 Ways to Keep your Face Sebum Free

Having sebum on your face can be unpleasant. And face makeup tricks you try to mask the excess sebum will not change anything, essentially. Instead, you should act on your skin care routine before applying makeup. Do not overdo with cleaning products, masks and scrubs, because you will not only sensitize and dehydrate the skin, but it will lead to a greater production of sebum, which is the skin's natural defense mechanism.

If you follow a few suggestions in choosing the appropriate cosmetics and follow a proper daily care routine, brilliance will be exactly where you need to be, and not on the "T-zone" (forehead, nose, chin) of your face.

1. Skin sebum does not mean dirt, so it does not require excessive cleaning and aggressive products to eliminate entirely from the skin's surface. Excessive cleaning can cause the removal of "good" natural oils that keep the skin lubricated and protected against water loss from tissues. Choose carefully a gentle cleansing gel, yet efficient, specially formulated for mixed and oily skin, to remove the sebum from the pores that has been accumulated overnight. Complete the cleaning by spraying soothing and gentle thermal water.

2. Hydrate and moisturize oily skin! Yes, oily skin tends to dehydrate resulting an increased production of sebum to balance the skin. But cosmetic products must have a special formula for mixed or oily skin with a fluid texture that does not clog the pores and is easily absorbed by the skin. Should contain effective moisturizing agents and sebum regulators.

3. Exfoliate once a week to remove dead cells from skin's surface. Dead cells tend to block pores and when combined with the sebum, they create an environment for bacterial proliferation, inflammation and the appearance of the comedones. Removing dead cells through chemical peels (keratolytic ingredients such as acetylsalicylic acid) and mechanical (micro abrasive) will play the healthy glow of the skin and the care creams act more effectively.

4. Mattifying is the process of controlling the sebum production and insure a lasting shine-free face. Mattifying products are at the same time, hydrating, by containing ingredients that have the ability to absorb sebum for several hours and prevent skin glow in the T-zone. A mattifying primer or cream is an excellent makeup base.

5. Choose makeup products that contain Jojoba oil. This amazing oil is known for its ability to mimic human sebum and therefor "fool" the sebaceous glands to stop producing more.

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