How to choose the perfect makeup for your face and skin - Part 1

How to choose the perfect makeup for your face and skin - Part 1

At the time when the cosmetic industry is changing rapidly as technology, one wonders what is the point of using natural assets and how to chosse them while we are able to produce effective active chemicals almost at will. But experts warn us that the skin absorbs the ingredients used in cosmetics, they even get in the blood system. There are concerns about the long-term effect of chemical assets and their potential of harming our health. So all interests are in to reintegrate natural care in our beauty routine! Moreover, natural assets are real sources of benefits for the skin; many have a high concentration of minerals, inexhaustible wealth for the skin beauty, face makeup and even for hair. But this is not the only reason. They are easy to understand and apply. The advantage of natural actives is that most of them can be found in the market or in your kitchen.

They won the shelves of our supermarkets and are accessible to all. Among the most successful actives: clay, salt, sand, mud, rice, thermal water but also essential oils, vegetable butters, natural pigments, vegetable oils (argan, soybean...), and all kinds of plant extracts. Presented as the best for the skin, less allergenic and healthier for the environment, these cosmetics are not ready to stop talking about them.

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