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Beauty. A few ways to enjoy it.

It is not necessary to have a perfect body to be considered attractive in the eyes of a man, much less when you are in the privacy of your bedroom. The acceptance of your nudity is an expression of self-confidence in the process of discovering and enjoying your natural beauty.

Want to look sensational in the intimacy of your bedroom without plastic surgery or other painful procedures? Here are some small tricks with big results:

Cheat by using self-tanner lotion!

Worrying for some extra weight? Tanning is a great way to create the impression of a slender body, without the need to diet. Also, decorate your bed with brightly colour sheets that may give the impression that your skin is darker.

In winter, the skin tends to be drier as you need to exfoliate to remove dead cells. After you've exfoliated do not forget to moisturize your skin. You can use a blend of precious oils for an extra sensuality; your partner will love to caress your smooth skin!

Face makeup gives you more confidence, but do not use in excess. You do not want to dirty pillowcase with your face foundation. Be more natural! Choose a BB cream or concealer. If you feel tired, use

Beauty. A few ways to enjoy it.

drops to brighten your eyes.

Adopt a relaxed hairstyle!

You can choose a natural look wearing loose curls, without exaggerating with styling products. Let your lover pass his fingers through your hair and millions of pleasure senses will "awake" your body!

We know that chocolate can help to relax but, if you think that a glass of red wine will give you more courage, we'll choose the second.

Wear accessories

Just because you're naked does not mean that you shouldn't wear accessories. Choose pearls when you want to be mysterious. A pair of high heels elongates your legs and gives you a sexy look. Be creative and use items you forgotten in the closet.

In addition to your physical look, light plays an important role. Choose scented candles to create intimate.

Pamper yourself

You must not underestimate the power of a manicure / pedicures. You have to look good from head to toe. Dare to wear nail polishe in bright shades and do not forget the classic red- the color that never fails.

So, aside fears, feel comfortable, free yourself from social stereotypes, unleash your womanhood and enjoy a hot night with your lover!

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