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Amp up the glamour of your eyes.

amp-up the glamour of your eyes

Eye makeup routine can be spiced up with just a little bit of colour.

The eyeliner is the exceptional charm asset for this spring. Except in this case, the last is the most flattering for your eyes.

We saw life in blue during spring-sum​mer fashion week… blue lagoon, turquoise, pale blue, ocean blue, electric blue, so many colours that make us think at beautiful summer days and the beautiful colours of the ocean. The blue has become established in nearly every beauty looks.

Even the queen of neutral make-up, Kim K, failed to resist the call of the ocean. Try azure blue eyeliner as a revealing look that will definitely intensify your eye colour if you choose to place it inside of the lower lid, or below. Or, dare different shades of blue-layered top and bottom as in Elie Saab spring/summer 2015, for a sophisticated eye catching makeup. Needless to play the total look, so let it act as the only touch of colour to your natural beauty.

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