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Vooqo and MUA

Discover your next favorite beauty products, workplace or makeup up artist — without ever investing in beauty products or location setups. Have over 400 performant organic beauty products right at your fingertips, along with your own workplace. And do it all at just C$ 250 a month.

Predict the industry. Today.

4 hundred products.

Plus your own spacework.

The unique Vooqo Store concept is home to hundreds of organic beauty products. And everything in your designated new workspace  along with your clients — lives right alongside it. All organized as one big beautiful place. Book your workspace, meet your clients in, and offer them the greatest services that anyone can get. And do it all at just C$250 a month.

Always investment-free.

Whether your coming in once a month or 30 times a month, your MUA subscription will stay the same and you'll never have to make investments, plus get a 30% OFF on all the products you use outside the store.

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